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Our consultants’ experience covers three continents and hundreds of expertise areas and topics ranging from business valuation to market entry planning to demand forecasting to customer segmentation.

A small sample of current and recent projects is provided here to illustrate our experiences. Client names are withheld when confidentiality matters require it.

Major US Provider of Telecommunication Services

CSA developed and built a series of pricing tools to enable fast, accurate, efficient and reliable operation of special pricing unit of the carrier. The unit is responsible for pricing 200+ of very complex multi-product, multi-location deals a day. More>>

Major OSS Vendor

On behalf of our client CSA conducted an assessment of the business opportunities in the European OSS market. We evaluated market as potential new area for business expansion for the client and developed concrete, actionable strategy that defined areas of greatest opportunity, identified entry points and prioritized potential customers. More>>

Major North American Provider of Telecommunication Services

CSA is conducting a comprehensive assessment of national telecom and IT markets across all customer segments, products and services, and geographies. We are creating a detailed forecast and identifying major trends in telecom and IT spend as well as assessing competitive positioning through extensive interview campaign with top national enterprises. More>>

AO Mosenergo, AO Lenenergo

Conducted valuation of more than 20 Electric power generating plants constituting AO Mosenergo and 14 power generating plants, 12 grid complexes and 11 other objects constituting AO Lenenergo. More>>


Conducted valuation of the business, valuation of stock More>>

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