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Operations and technology consulting

Optimization of Business Processes and Increase of Asset Use Efficiency

Operations and technology consulting is aimed to help business owners and managers optimize business processes and increase efficiency of asset use. Operations consulting deals primarily with optimization of processes, while technological consulting addresses the issues of maintenance and renewal of technological base of the business.

Operations Consulting

Operations consulting analyzes structure of the company and its processes, identifies issues and problems and develops recommendations aimed at their resolution and increase of overall efficiency of business operation.

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting includes audit of business’ technical base, recommendations on its maintenance and replacement, as well as assistance in systems’ development, installation and maintenance.

Enterprise Asset Management

EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) formally belongs to operations and technology consulting, while often an integral part of strategy or investment projects. EAM includes methodologies and systems of enterprise asset description, as well as standardized software products that assist in describing, accounting and managing assets, especially for complex and capital-intensive businesses.

This segment of consulting services is represented by the following:

  • Operations audit
  • Technology audit
  • Operations planning and implementation assistance
  • ЕАМ (Enterprise Asset Management)
  • Economic assessment of operations and technological solutions
  • Optimization of business organizational structure and key business processes, their alignment with business strategy

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