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Chemical, Oil, Mining, Manufacturing and Transportation

Healthy development of transportation, raw materials and manufacturing is a necessary condition of overall economic growth of any country’s economy. Being some of the most resource-demanding and capital-heavy industries, they require very careful asset management, investment allocation and demand-forecasting.

Cambridge Strategic Advisors, Inc. has established a highly successful track record in assisting major international clients in these industries to overcome strategic and operational challenges they face. The foundation of our success lies in our ability to deliver straightforward, actionable and quantitative solutions to complex business problems, and to develop practical, action-oriented recommendations that directly impact the bottom-line.

Our Clients

  • Alcoa Europe S.A.
  • Russian Copper Company
  • “Russian Railways”
  • “Transstroj”
  • LUKOIL Nefteproduct
  • Moscow Oil Refinery
  • Moscow Fuel Company
  • “Mosnefteproduct”
  • “Rosgazifikaciya”
  • “Silovye Mashiny”
  • LMZ (“Leningrad’s Mechanical Factory”)
  • Etc.

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